PDO Thread Lifts treatments in Mississauga

What are PDO Thread Lifts?

A thread lift is a procedure that uses a dissolvable suture to tighten and lift your skin. It’s a less invasive procedure than facelift surgery, and is a neater option for getting a more natural look. Thread lifts use a biodegradable polyester suture. It essentially lifts and firms up the skin, without the downtime of a typical facial surgery. The threads used for this procedure can be placed under the skin without having the area swell up too much, and then they completely dissolve off within a year. These threads stimulate a healing and regeneration process for your skin by increasing natural collagen production for a more youthful and uplifted look without changing the volume in that specific area on your face, unlike dermal fillers. This procedure can be performed in under an hour and is essentially painless.

Recovering from a Thread Lift
The recovery time is next to minimal, as you can carry on with your work on the same day itself if you feel up to it. Your skin might get dimpled and mildly swell up, but these effects are only visible for about a week. Sleep sitting in an upright position for a few days to minimize the swelling and avoid rubbing your skin altogether to speed the healing process. Refrain from making exaggerated facial expressions while the threads take their time to settle into your skin.

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